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"Given the real monetary and environmental benefits of resource monitoring for cities and buildings, these systems should not be reserved for just those with giant budgets," said Habib Heydarian, Vice President of Product and Engineering, Buddy Platform. "With Buddy Ohm we are truly democratizing resource data by utilizing IoT class hardware, and leveraging the power of The Buddy Platform. Once operators and occupants have access to this data and the insights it can provide, they can be an active part of the effort to be more efficient." Read More Smarter buildings, changing behaviour Buddy Ohm was designed to be flexible, measuring electricity from the grid, gas, steam, solar and water across many applications. But Buddy also sees great potential in using the system to make buildings more efficient. Buildings represent the vast majority of resource consumption in cities, so optimizing the way they are used can have a big impact on the carbon footprint. While there are a variety of expensive and complex systems available today for managing everything from elevators to HVAC, they are typically siloed and built specifically for the building engineer or operator. Often these expensive systems force operators to optimize their resource consumption using only historical data, which mean critical events that can negatively impact resource consumption are missed. Also, for buildings that lack a traditional building management system (BMS) due to age or budgets, simple and straightforward monitoring using Buddy Ohm can help realize efficiencies and savings they might not doctor home mortgage loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 otherwise have access to. While these large systems are important, what they lack is an inexpensive, easy to install and intuitive solution for exposing real-time resource data for building occupants. Complex building infrastructure can be optimized to a certain point, but without the doctor home loan program Oak Laurel 0430129662 participation of the people living and working in these buildings, the next level of savings and conservation may never be reached. Buddy Ohm also provides a complimentary front-end experience for the traditional BMS by providing engaging, modern and modular dashboards that over time help people develop a deeper understanding of the link between their actions and resource conservation.

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